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Default Re: New Video Is Here!: Gordon Lightfoot: Ode to Big Blue Finale Recreated

Thank you for the kind comments...I REALLY appreciate it! It encourages me to want to produce more of these for the group. My wife is the "Production Chief" on these videos. I'm just the hired help! She's a bit steamed that I posted the video as a direct link to be viewed here rather than present a link to send the folks TO YouTube...As she rightly observed, we're getting the views; but, without having the traffic being on the YouTube site itself, she's not getting her "thumbs up" or any comments for her video on that site (though we received a few lovely comments for the first video on YouTube and some very nice comments here as well! THANK YOU!). So, in the future, when introducing a video, I'll post a link to the YouTube video (to pacify my BOSS!). If you have time, and can leave her a thumbs up and a comment for THIS new video on the YouTube site, I'd really appreciate it (since it contributes to the maintenance of "marital bliss"...if ya know what I'm sayin'....).
As for the lesson for this video. I'm thinking that I'll re-use the three parts we recorded for THIS video (though less cropped, of course). And then, for each of those separate parts, a slowed down new performance of each one w/ on-screen tab. I'm not sure if I'll do any commentary. I sort-a like the YouTube guitar tutorial videos that are more image-based and less verbal. Direct and to the point....One thing I can say for the two videos we've posted thus far, they certainly will never be criticized for being too long! Right? Thanks again Everybody! Are we having fun?
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