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Just as it YOUR opinion, not what the idiotic magazines who shunned him all these years have said. Songs that his fans appreciate and love but ones that were generally ignored by the powers that be because they were too ignorant to really understand anything about the man other than how much $$ he could make for them.

My choices in no particular order;

Song - Album

Love and Maple Syrup - Summer Side of Life
Sweet Guinevere - Endless Wire
A Lesson in Love - East of Midnight
Protocol - Summertime Dream
The Watchman's Gone - Sundown
Someone To Believe In - Salute
Ghosts of Cape Horn - Dream Street Rose
and my choice for not only Gord's most underrated song ever, but most unappreciated is The Pony Man from Sit Down Young Stranger(If You Could Read My Mind to you newbies LOL

Soon we'll do his most overrated songs (if there is such as thing to some of you). There is to me as much as I love him.
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