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Is this a question that can be answered? I first heard Lightfoot back in 1970 and was captivated from the start. So that's 35 years of listening to and hearing his words, music, and voice. It would almost be easier to say this is my favorite song from...and go through each album.

Without pulling out albums, or CDs, or looking at a discography, I've thought of two immediately though. The first is "Affair on 8th Avenue". It's haunting. The second is "Whisper My Name", although I'm not sure why since parts of seem almost like "bubblegum".

Yet now I'm thinking about "Heaven Help the Devil" and "If You Need Me" and....

How fortunate to grow up listening to Joni Mitchell and Gordon Lightfoot, and have them joined by Jackson Browne, Paul Simon, and so many others. It was all worth it.

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