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Well I've been on here awhile now and I just went back and looked at all these posts and of course I read my own. Safe now to say that my opinion and answer to this question has altered. I have realized after listening to my collection for awhile,that I prefer both versions of "The Pony Man" equally. In fact they are so similar,when I listened to the newer longer version I almost didn't realize that it was longer. The reasons are that the line about midnight on the meadows reminds me of my backyard back in PA which was mostly like a meadow. Also when it talks about the midnight sky and the moon it reminds me of how my hometown was small and had no really large buldings or bright lights to block the view of the moon & stars. When the moon was full,there were seemingly 1 billion stars out there. Finally,it just reminds me of my own childhood and how simple it was. Not just living in a small town but being a kid there also. This has been Borderstone,getting misty eyed while Alberta Bound. (Or maybe Corry,PA)
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