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Good question. While I can't narrow the listing down to one favorite I'll list a few particulars.

If You Could Read My Mind-The first Lightfoot song I ever hear and one that remains in my consciousness.

Minstrel Of The Dawn-This one strikes a real emotional chord in me for some reason. Especially the lines "jangle and dangle as the old guitar sings" and "like me and you, he's trying to get into things more happy than blue". Which is one of the great things Gordon Lightfoot does, writing songs with universal themes that everyone can identify with.

Cold On The Shoulder-This is another one that hits me emotionally hard. Gordon sings about the innocence that is lost as we go through life.

Rainy Day People-A song about true friendship.

Sundown-One time I was in a relationship where I knew my girlfriend was deceiving me. I could relate very easily to this song at the time.

Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald-Heartwrenching, one of the greatest songs ever recorded. Period

Look into his shiny eyes and if you see a ghost don't be surprised......Listen to the strings. That jangle and dangle while the old guitar sings.

The lake it is said never gives up her dead, when the gales of November come early.
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