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i don't think the whole world has to drink from one water cooler
...besides, we'd bang heads (even more, lol)

i must say that i miss (well, hardly remember) the days when the whole planet hung on by the radio listening closely for news (regarding, war, stocks, the Leafs, lol or whatever) and received it all at once

if that's what Val is in part saying then i tip my cap, it's one of the reasons that listening to gord on radio (or internet)last friday night was even more bonding, imo

aside, i think internet discussion and e-mail breaks altogether are often healthy, i feel one coming but this has been an exciting time and will probably continue thru the Idol appearance and the fall benefit gig... when there's no news things and folks get overgoofy (no exception here!) and there's even more miscommunication/hurt

but i'd 'thirst' for John's thoughts&links
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