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quote:Originally posted by Merri:
I haven't heard one yet that I couldn't relate to. At one time or another I feel like he wrote it about me or my family or my love. He has the talent to explore his strengths and weaknesses and they turn out to be our strengths and weaknesses. His research and musicianship are masterful. When he tells a story it is literature and when he adds the music it is classical and it's because he is folk that he captures our souls and makes them fly.

My favorite is "Canadian Railroad Trillogy," from a list of really great songs.

Why? Beacuse it is in one song an account of the American spirit, both US and Canada, during the period that both conutries were built from scratch. It is a defiant statement of who they were and why they did what they did.

It also answers, the rabid enviornmentalist with a simple line: Before the railroad, "when the green, dark forest was too silent to be real," the was no forest idiot.

Thanks Gord for ALL your songs.

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