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Barry Shanley
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I'm relatively new to GL. I owned GG on tape about 20 yrs ago and lost it. I was young and restless and was more into the harder rock. I've mellowed into classical over the years but had some restless moods, like recently. I've found that GL is a perfect fit for me because of the mix he offers and the lyrics are a deep well to draw from. I've ordered all GL's original music cd's and so far I have 7 album's worth. UA,IYCRMM,SD,and SSOL. So far, I'll go with THE LAST TIME I SAW HER when I'm mellow and SEVEN ISLAND SUITE when I'm alittle rowdy...but I reserve the right to change my mind as new cd's pop in my mailbox...unless...IYCRMM? Ahem...Is there anyone out there who envies my situation? I mean...isn't it like being a kid again?
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