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Like so many of the others, he has so many great songs that I don't have a favorite. I have a whole bunch of favorites & it just depends on the mood I'm in. I once said that if I was on my death bed & could only hear 1 more song it would be 'Race Among The Ruins', but on "Summertime Dream" alone I like 'I'm Not Supposed To Care', 'Never Too Close' & 'The House You Live In' just as much. All the other songs on the album except 'Protocol', run a close 2nd to those 4, so you might assume "Summertime Dream" was my favorite album (and it was for a long time), but "Summer Side of Life", "Don Quixote", Cold On The Shoulder", & "Shadows" are all just as good & most of his others aren't far behind. So thankful that my son-in-law got me "Songbook" for Christmas. Hard to believe 'Borderstone' got left off his earlier albums - its Mr. Lightfoot at his best.
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