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I am pretty sure I have posted to this topic before but have no idea when so as it has resurfaced again I'll add my 5 cents worth and my personal favo(u)rite Lightfoot song.Unfortunately it is not a Lightfoot song per se but the fantastic Lightfoot rendition of the beautiful Ewan MacColl song
"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face".I can remember first hearing this on the Montreal FM radio station CJFM way back in 1966 and credit that recording with starting my long devotion to Gordon's music which was uiltimately responsible for saving my life some 34 years later when a fellow Lightfoot fan my dearest susan a.k.a. gordlover literaly saved my life in the chat room that I now so relentlessly advertise every Friday. I have just had a relook at page one of this topic and can thoroughly recommend the postings made on 14 april 2000 by "fezo" and a reply by Valerie Magee on the subject of the timing of the composition of "the wreck"

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