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To the disappointed fan: I've seen Gord twice live. Once in a theater in Phillie and the other time at an outdoor concert in a placed called Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA, on the closing night of the festival. In both cases they blew the audience away! Gord's voice may not be as strong and or mellow after the all butts and booze of the past, but that band of his is perfect! Down to the last ping. They are truly professionals. You gotta give the artist a chance before you walk out. Lightfoot is still Lightfoot. Nobody can touch him. I personally don't wnat to be blown out of the seats by a million watts of volume like the front row at a Kiss concert. I want to hear that old Lightfoot and company quality. Both times I saw him, it was there in full force without an overpowering PA system Bleeeehing out the melodic poetry of the words and folds of musical overlays. Get to another concert and have patience, or leave Louise at home if you just can't wait to get her outta there
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