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Yes, unfortunately Gord's voice is not what
it once was. But listen to Dylan, Van Morrison, John Stewart. Their voices have all
changed with the years. And I remember seeing
Gord in 1975 in L.A. and even then it took him(and the sound guy)a couple of numbers to work out the kinks. I'm sorry you walked out on a legendary performer who, like the rest of us, is not getting any younger. His voice
may be somewhat less than it once was, but if
you listen closely, it still has that Lightfoot charm. I am sympathetic to your
comments about the band, however. I saw him
in Portsmouth, NH his last time there, and I
was sitting front-row center. I also came away with the feeling that the band somehow
wasn't with Gordon - almost a sense of disinterest. I hope I am wrong. However, being on the road, and playing basically the same songs every night must get trying! In closing, we have been lucky to see a talent
such as Gordon's, so next time stay for the whole show - the time will come all to quickly when he hangs it up, so let's enjoy him while we can!!
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