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I expect I'll get flamed for this post, but I am so confused about last evenings show, that I must say something somewhere. I have liked Gordon for almost 30 years now, but have never seen him live. I haven't followed his career closely, but have tuned in from time to time, and have always enjoyed going back to the 70's albums - especially Don Quixote which is my favorite. I was excited when the concert was announced, and bought tickets immediately.

What an unbelievable disappointment! He opens with one of my favorite songs, but where is the warm and robust voice he once had? It is gone! The man can barely sing at this point. At first I thought there was something wrong with the microphone, but when nothing improved, I realized that this was how he was. And the music itself had little or no life to it. The band was so uninvolved in what they were playing, and their performances so wooden and lifeless that they might as well have e-mailed them in from home. The sound reinforcement was so tinny and lackluster that there was no way the music could come close to filling the hall.

I expect a performer to change with time, but I also expect a certain level of quality when I spend $30+ per ticket to see a man who has been playing music for more than 35 years. Instead of a seasoned older musician who is still able to command a performance, I felt as if I was watching a sort of nostalgia show in which the audience is left to grasp hold of a memory of something long since past. I cannot recall another concert (and I go to many) where I have felt embarrassed and sorry for the performer from the outset. Yet everyone else in the hall seemed to be perfectly content with the concert. Do these folks not go out very often? Are they unaware when a show is not up to professional standards? Or do they know that this is how Gordon is these days, and they expect and are satisfied with less?

Before you flame me out of existence, please understand... I do not express these feelings out of meanness, or to anger others. I love Gordon's music - as a songwriter he has few equals, and his body of work speaks for itself. It is just that I was so let down, and confused as to why no one else seemed to be having the same experience. For the first time in my life, I walked out on a show... after 5 songs. From now on, I'll stick to the recordings.

Constructive responses appreciated,

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