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Sheila Ann
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With this forum, the newsgroup, special groups and chatrooms I have choices. I can stay informed if I really want to by moving from group to group...which I do. Each group has its own flavor and that keeps them all interesting to me. There are others like me who travel in and out of the various groups who are sure to point fellow (or new) posters toward Val's site or some other group/site that may be more valuable for current information than this site is. This site, however, still has its charm and some wonderful archives of information. On this site, too, I feel less inhibited and more apt to expound on a I seem to be doing right now!
On the newsgroup I am far more inhibited and less likely to post at all. Right now there is a very 'healthy' thread running that asks the lurkers there to please speak up. One of the respondents described the group as 'clubby'. I would agree but that's its flavor. You know it going in and post...or not! Still lots of information flowing so take the good with the maybe not so good. Choices, again.
Guess that's my long version of asking, 'why not continue to have both?'
And Suzi...there have been some very tense moments on this site over the years it has been here so please don't let the rudeness of some insecure poster on the newsgroup keep you from dropping in from time to time...or even from posting there.
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