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You forgot to add on the @10.26 postage!!
the seller (albertjukebox) is obviousy a crazed nut case from Kaybec

his description states not necessarily tongue in cheek
"One of the things you may notice about my listing prices is that they are higher than most. The reason for that is because most listings on Ebay start low and bid up, I list my top price as "Buy it Now" and negotiable"
Another of his current auctions is for
Huge Vinyl Collection FOR SALE Mostly Mint +NM 45s LPs EPs Picture +Sleeves
He is also selling a copy of the very first LP I ever bought (for a bit over 35 bob) in 1959 the original "Buddy Holly" LP
for US $2,690.00
$449 for 6 months†
plus the same $10.26!!
I meant no one no harm

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