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Default Re: Another New 12 String Mike

Well, what D-tuning is, is to drop the key of the low E string and its octave string from the key of E to D. Modal D tuning, on the other hand, would involve tuning the low and high E strings (and their octave or twin) to D.
To me, D-tuning the low E string gives a 12-string more "chorus" sound, or at least "expands" the sound. Examples of Gordon's songs with D-tuning would be "Canadian Railroad Trilogy", "I'm Not Sayin'", and "Early Morning Rain", to name a few. The guitar sounds "full" to me in those songs.....
(I have a Guild 12-string guitar).
I hope I have not misunderstood the posts here in that the interpretation was to tune the entire guitar down to D......
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