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Default New Video Just Posted: Gordon Lightfoot: Don Quixote and Ode to Big Blue Intros Recre

The YouTube video is called "Gordon Lightfoot: Don Quixote and Ode to Big Blue Intros Recreated with Tutorials!". My wife has posted it...I don't have the link address yet. Anyway, she did a great job helping me to put this together for the group. It was a LOT of work on the video-editing side. I hope everyone likes it! Let me know what you think in the YouTube comment section (and here of course!)! It's a lot to absorb! As a "bonus", I added the opening "Mystery" chords to "Beautiful" which are never played live...EVER...they only exist on the 1972 "Don Quixote" LP...and now, they are revealed in my tutorial video...that peculiar sound is the High string guitar once again! Pretty cool, huh?
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