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Default Re: October 2020 dates?

Thank you for the update/reply. We all want everyone, including Gordon, to be as safe as possible wherever they are. My thoughts regarding concerts are simply in the category of supporting the performer(s) which is why I didn't get a refund for the 4 tickets when the original date was rescheduled. I respect Gordon and his judgement regarding his personal safety. If he decides not to tour I will be sad about it but I certainly understand why he would choose not to. On the flip side as soon as he determines the reward outweighs the risk I will be there if at all possible (distance to the venue being my only criteria).

I look forward to the day when we can all gather together and cheer on the man who draws us all to his performances from around the world. His appeal cuts across all categories and always gives me hope.

I appreciate you letting us know when you hear back. Thanks again.

Be well, be safe and Peace be with you.

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