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Default Re: Terry Clements on the new Good Brothers and Family CD

new article:

For Dallas, the pinnacle of this achievement can be summed up by Same Old Song, which was co-written by Margaret and family friend and former Gordon Lightfoot guitarist Terry Clements, who died in 2011.

The song even includes a guitar part by Clements from a 1978 demo of the song that had been sitting on a shelf at Margaret’s house for three decades.

“We had to mix a cassette tape into the recording, and what it meant was we all had to tune to the original recording,” recalls Dallas.

“My concept wasn’t airtight, but it was very important for us to include him literally, as well as with a songwriting credit, because he was such an important person in the Good Brothers’ and the Good family’s lives.

“We all knew him quite well; he was a really great man.”
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