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Default Rediscovering

I'm sure we all know this, but going back to a record or CD you haven't played in a while can be a revelation.
' Endless Wire ' is not one I play a great deal. The Songbook box set usually has one of its CDs in my player, ready to play. Then I happened to see/hear the video of ' If Children had Wings ', so I dug out Endless. I'd forgotten what a wonderful song 'If Children...' is. Playing the whole CD through took me back to the late '70s, when my then girlfriend was away on holidaying Canada. She brought back the LP of Endless Wire as a present for me. Hearing those songs again brought back the memories of that time and how I was missing her.
We all know how a GL song can exactly ' tap into ' something we're going through or experiencing. For me it's ' Something Very Special '. It sums up my Wife, especially when she was girlfriend all those wonderful years ago.
GL must be the only singer/songwriter whose songs can be found for any situation in my life...
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