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Default Re: Terry Clements on the new Good Brothers and Family CD

Thanks John,

That was a great well written article. Gordon's songs have had a influence on all of us. The lead guitar in a Lightfoot song never overpowers, but does add depth and richness. Gordon had the good fortune and wisdom to have three wonderful lead guitarists in Red Shea, Terry Clements, and now Carter Lancaster. I been to about 15 Lightfoot concerts, and the band is always professional and right on in everything they play. They all add pieces to make the whole, knowing it's a group not solo project, yet when it comes to a emphasized line or two they absolutely shine.
Barry Keane said in the Soundstage Video
"When Gordon asked me to join the group, I was used to beating the tar out of the drums in the studio. Playing drums for Gordon, I think, is different than playing drums for anybody. It's really not so much what I play, but what I don't play, with Gordon. Every note almost has to be thought out and it has to have some importance to it and if it doesn't have importance, then I shouldn't play it."
I wish you good spaces....
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