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Originally posted by vlmagee:
Is anyone going to catch one of these shows? I toyed with the idea of going to Telluride, but it's a festival weekend and I'm just not into that scene. Now it's sold out, and I am sorry. The reviews are just amazing.

If you are wondering why this is posted in the GL forum, and not under Small Talk, it is because the high points of the concerts are usually Shadows and SFAWN ...

Anyone going to one of these shows? I sure hope so.

Here's a review of the most recent concert:

I was well aware of Tony Rice Sings Gordon Lightfoot - a great album which I think many of you also have - and I knew that Tony Rice was with J D Crowe and the New South, but I didn't know that Jerry Douglas was too!


If any of you are close enough to catch one of the handful of shows that AKUS is doing with Rice, treat yourself and tell us all about it! (
Thanks Val.
That is a wonderful review. Tony had an amzing voice and His "sings lightfoot" album is still
one of my favorites. It is so well produced. All the songs sound beautiful.
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