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Back in 1976, my wife and I attended a Gordon Lightfoot concert at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. During the concert, Gordon performed a song that blew me away (although I'm not sure that expression was in use back then). But when we left, all I could remember of the song was two lines:
"I can't remember where she said she'd be,
Back in the city or on the TV"
So for the next 25 or so years, Whenever I was in a record store, I would look through all the Gordon Lightfoot records for the title "On the TV". Of course I never found it. Along comes the internet, and I discover that the original lyrics were changed from "on the TV" to 'On the high seas" when it was recorded on Dream Street Rose in 1980. This was a disappointment to me, since I thought "on the TV" was a neat, quirky lyric. However, I have forgiven Gordon, since the song is such a great combination of wonderful words set to a harmonically rich score. And lucky me! Dream Street Rose was just reissued.
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