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quote:Originally posted by gwen snyder:
So come on Auburn Annie and Maryellen, what is the background for this SNL stuff? Were John Belushi and Gordon Lightfoot really good friends, or what?

I think for Gord it was just a gig (a good one, but business). As far as I know he didn't know Belushi before that, unless they crossed paths tangentially. It was post-Cathy Smith for Gord; she hadn't yet hooked up with Belushi (that would have been late 1981, early 1982 - he died in March of that year.) She hung with The Good Brothers, members of The Band, Mick Jagger (who didn't??)etc. She sang backup for Hoyt Axton. But I've never heard anything about any friendship of any kind between Gord and John B. - no animosity, just no relationship outside of the one SNL show.
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