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I still don't understand the following: Please dont play mind games with me, Al.
You are bastardising poetry which some people care about."
Mind games?lol Oh well. I've been accused of worse.

"During the early 70s, I used to sell The Socialist Worker. (Quite a radical newspaper), one that Im sure you think should be confined to the depths of hell. (Me, too, now. But, hey, were all young once!) Why would you assume I would think this paper should be confined to the depths of hell? Because I am a Christian?

Well, I know that you are reading this because you want to see the responses. Like I said, if my statements make you feel uncomfortable, perhaps you are not a friend of freedom. Sometimes you have to kill so you are not killed. I hate the thought of people dying much less being killed. But I hate the memory of my fellow countrymen being burned alive, jumping from the WTC, having those buildings collapse on them, innocent children being slammed with anthrax, watching friends bodies being eaten alive with biological warfare, the list can go on and on. If it means hunting down and killing those bastards like animals, then so be it.

You cannot sit back and be reactive with terrorism. You have to be proactive, bring them to their knees and fire freely upon them.
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