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Well, I was about to post a nice little smily and say to Restless that we should agree to differ on some things and can we, please, be friends.

Do you realise how you are even starting to frighten your friends with statements like “You threaten our safety and we’ll take you down”?

Not all of us who distrust Bush’s foreign policy are woolly-minded pinkos under the bed, you know.

His statement that “If you are not with us, you are against us” terrified a great many people in Europe. It’s an incoherent argument which gives no ground for discussion. The days of imperialist gunboat diplomacy are over (or should be).

You say that Blair probably faced more opposition than Bush, as though it were some badge of honour. Well, I don’t happen to want him risking even more for the sake of ‘his’ citizens.

BTW, we are subjects of Elizabeth the Second. No British person is a citizen. (But I sha’n’t get started on that!) Although, as citizens of a country which fought a war to get rid of George the Third, it’s probably one thing we would agree on (or, maybe not).

Can we now, please, change the subject to something less controversial – like religion or sex?
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