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Default The House You Live In

I've been going through my vast collection of cassette tapes recently and came across one tape of Gord being interviewed by CFRB radio host Wally Crouter in the fall of 1980. Fortunately my 1995 Chevvy Lumina Mini van has a cassette player built in and it works like a charm so I listen to the tapes when driving.

I recall a thread from a while ago and I'm not sure if it ran on Facebook or here on Corfid but it concerned "The House You Live In" and there was a question raised asking for information about the song.
I replied that I did have some information regarding the song on a tape and would try and come up with it. So here it is.

When questioned about the song Gord said he was asked by a lady who's husband was a member of the group "April Wine" to write a song for him. Gord said he sat down and wrote "The House You Live In." He wrote the first verse in five minutes.
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