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Default Re: New Video Is Here!: Gordon Lightfoot: Ode to Big Blue Finale Recreated

Sorry for the delay...suffered a minor mishap...ring finger of the left hand was banged up (nail is a bit purple around the cuticle...Ok, now! Not to worry!). Anyway, today, instead of the "Ode To Big Blue" finale, I went ahead and recreated the opening to "Don Quixote" (both Red's and Gordon's parts note for note...all "apologies" to Jerry's Guitar Bar from YouTube!). We're gong to try to line up the split-screen today and maybe try and finish it....There's more to this one however. I also re-recorded Red's intro to "Ode To Big Blue". In addition, for all of the above. I recorded slowed down videos. So, I'm "dumbing down" my detailed tablature to the bare essentials and hope to have that information, on screen, below the slowed down performances. If this proves unsatisfactory, I may re-do, I don't have an exact "launch" time for this...I hope it's soon. In essence, This is the tutorial "deluxe" (because of the inclusion of Gord's part) for my first video. The "Big Blue" Finale will be the follow-up to this one, okay? Thank you for all of the kind comments here, and on YouTube (I really appreciate it...and my wife, well, she appreciates it even more than I do!).
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