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Yes, Sundown is played with the capo on the second fret. It's basic 4/4 time, meaning four beats to the measure. I don't think any guitar player plays it exactly the same way twice, or plays it exactly the same as the next person. Some people play two down strums, one on the first beat, one on the second beat, then a down/up strum on both the third and fourth beats. I'll write out a verse and indicate the down strum with a d and the up strum with a u. All of the downstrums are on the beat. Up strums are on the off beat (If you said "one and two and" the off beat would be on the and). So basically, the rhythm is "1 2 3 and 4 and" all the way through the song.

I hope this holds it's format when I post it! If not, I'll save it in a text file and e-mail an attachment to you.


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