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MistyMoppens you have sprung a most incovenient trap! I am a critic first and foremost .This does not mean I can do better !

Under great pressure - (I am a novice and have probably the least knowledge of the posters on this site - as my setlist will reveal).

Don Quixote
Circle of Steel
Carefree Highway
The Wreck..
Pussy Willow/Cat Tails
Endless Wire
Hiway Songs
14 Karat Gold
I'll Prove My Love
Cotton Jenney
River of Light
IYCRMM (to keep the peace only -I could pick 15 I prefer to sub.)
Pony Man
The Circle Is Small
Sit Down Young Stranger
Early Morning Rain
Ghosts of Cape Horn
Summertime Dream
The House You Live In
Waiting For You
Minstrel of the Dawn

Encore 1: In My Fashion
Encore 2: A Painter Passing Through

26 songs in all.

I am now officially sulking as I only wanted to be a critic....
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