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1974 . My Sophomore year in High school. Bought my first - Sundown. I will always visualize Gord that way, the way I liked to dress, too, Jeans.
At 16 My beard came in full and I tried so hard to look like him....for the women you know...LOL

But mom and Dad balked at the hair salon thing - I found I'd have to get a "perm" and refused on general manhood paranoid rules of youth ! haha

I loved the imagery in the album, listening to it as Autumn was in full Ohio tilt - we moved to Colorado the next summer when Dad retired from NASA. I grew to love this album for that imagery,then discovered DQ, then COTS, it just kept getting better and better.

In my senior year in Colorado in '76, GG1 and Summertime Dream came out, the Wreck was #1, and I too loved the new version of Song For a Winter's Night in the Winter up at my folks house at near 10,000 feet in the Rockies, several feet of snow through the winter.

It all made the songs imagery more powerful. I loved the last great year of orchestration IMHO on GG1 and redo of CRT, still reveling in Beautiful, and all the songs I connected with different girlfriends, etc. After I thought girlfriends were all aplyed out.. and I was a sad sack..... fast-fwd to , oh.....1980, and I met my wife-to-be Merry at the same time DSR came out, and I listened to Make Way For The Lady after meeting her over and over..... memories

I continued to go back to Sundown for :
* Is There Anyone Home - Ohio imagery in Fall
* Seven Island Suite "
* Too Late For Prayin' "
* Circle of Steel " - Winter
* Sundown & Watchman's Gone - defining songs
incredible orchestration - loved it in headphones - the old heavy ones,

In short, including IYCRMM, 1970 - 1976 defined Lightfoot for me. I attached each song to the great human tragedies of adolescence - girlfriends, firsts of everything, loves lost,
football games in the fall, snowmelt and our 4wd road out in the Colorado spring - so many memories. GG1 dated Cristmas 1976 foreever for me. Christmas in the Rockies. I got a Hudson's Bay Blanket and a Yamaha Classical Guitar.

Then Restless from Waiting For You,
and The whole album Painter started it all over for me again....... more another time

- geo steve
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