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Originally posted by johnfowles:
Just like this eh?

I have the 2-CD set UA Collection (one of my most cherished; I really do gravitate a lot to his earlier stuff) and there are 2 pictures of him on the inside sleeve, one is a nice clear head shot of him smiling, and in the other he is sitting on what looks to be a large rock; he is holding his guitar and his face is tilted upwards and he is smiling again. They are both beautiful, charming pictures and he looks so young and yet to be touched by fame.

<sigh> People don't take pictures like that anymore, simple and without pretense.

Anyway I know most people picture Gordon early to mid 70's with the unruly curls and slightly scruffy appearance, which worked well for him also, but when I listen to Long River or 16 Miles to Seven Lakes I picture that clean cut young man with the swept back hair
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