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Default Have you ever met Gord?

Have you ever met Gordon Lightfoot? I have...sort of. I was talking to the doormen at the side door of Massey Hall on one of GL's concert nights. I was asking them what the accoustics would be like in certain seats. Suddenly, one of them said, "why dont you just ask him?" I looked behind me, and there was Gord, coming up behind me with a coffee. As he squeezed by me to go into the side door of the Concert Hall, I blurted out,"Hi Gord." Like I had known him all my life...then I felt stupid. And there I was standing there with the new pencil sketch portrait of him (that I had just bought from a street vendor), and I didnt even ask GL to sign it for me. Dohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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