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Default Re: Have you ever met Gord?

Yes! The first time was after his 1981 concert @ the Academy of Music in Phila., PA. We saw other people waiting by the stage door, so we decided to wait with them. He came out for a few minutes & we got to talk to him! The next time was about a year later. We got to talk to Barry Keane. He put in a good word for us @ EMP, & we were able to get post show passes for a concert @ Garden State Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ (about an hour & 15 minutes from home, it has a different name now). Our closest venue is the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA (20 minutes from home). If the weather was decent, we would wait by stage door with other fans. Eventually Barry Harvey (of blessed memory) got to recognize us when he saw us & he very kindly let us backstage for so many times. In recent years, I would call the EMP office & ask to be put on the guest list for post-show passes. For the most part Ann has been able to honor our request & put us on the list. Even if we don't get to speak to Gordon after a concert, it is always a pleasure to speak to the band members!


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