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Default Re: Have you ever met Gord?

Many times over the years I have sat and talked with him and the guys. I got to know him and the guys in the band pretty well. His late road manager Barry was a very good friend and I have gotten to know Leslie and Gordons current RM, Warren. I have many photos and autographs. Even got to sit through a concert with his wife Kim a few years ago, she is such a gracious & nice person too. Gordon usually remembers me, but sometimes I wonder if he is just being gracious, as I don't see them as often as I used to 10 + years ago. Gordon meets lots of people every year and it must be hard to remember most of them. Rick, his bass player, I am a lot closer to, and usually in contact with, and he is a real super guy too. The whole band including the past members who have departed this life, were great guys. I am an old guy too at 77 now. I just hope everyone stays fine through all this pandemic mess, and we can all get back to a nice normal life again and see them in concerts again..

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