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Default Re: Ram's Head Show 5/14/2019
I posted Gordon's opening song, Waiting For You, but I cut out were he stopped and got medical attention from his wife, Kim. However, at about the 1:29 mark, you can see as he turns towards us, he is breathing very heavy, in the chest, like a heart attack is coming on.
It is amazing, however, how he comes back after getting out of the chair by the stool, and starts the song, were he left off.
I did find a article on line about Gordon, a interview, from 2015? in Toronto and he did say he has Emphysema and its due to him smoking, as it seems he still smokes. This is only going to get worse were eventually one will need a O2 tank with the hose on them, for life. No, he is not going to die anytime soon, but I have a current video from this concert of Shadows, its very hard to understand the words, to me, as his voice seems not as strong due to his O2 situation. I have a video of him at The Rams Head from last year, Shadows, and the voice is much stronger. I have just audio, from 2016 at the Rams Head and 2013 from Wolf Trap, very strong. I realize that Gordon wants to tour as long as he can, but after this year, if he can continue, who knows. I do see that he is coming back to The Rams Head in July for 2 nights and the show is nearly sold out, for both. Good for him. I wish him well, as I hope to see him next year. Mike
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