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Default Re: Ram's Head Show 5/14/2019

HI, Gordon needed oxygen out west a few times last year and again in April when I saw him near Toronto, in was very warm in the venue and especially hot with dead air onstage. He required Kim to come out with the oxygen at that time-in the second set during Restless.. He then went on and sounded better than he did in the first half. It was 'hear a pin drop' silent with only a few of us knowing what and why but the audience sat and waited and he got a huge ovation before he started up again and again after the song.. He called out "oxo-lady' several times until she came onstage and she told the audience how warm it was onstage. She told Gordon 'take your time'. - he then removed the mask and said 'that's what you said last night!'.. it was all caught on the mics and Kim giggled and laughed..He's very quick with the witty repartee even when sucking oxygen.! lol.
The next two nights in Mississauga were terrific.. I have threads here with pics and videos. I did not post the video of the 'oxygen-lady' visit tho..
I agree... the mini tours are too many in such a short time frame. the travel, flying, rehearsals and show are too many in a short time span.
Just before xmas he was in hospital for a week with pneumonia but told doctors he had a tour to do and he got out and did the tour...I saw him 3x in 4 days with one day being a day off. Thankfully all travel then was by car to the shows I saw-Peterborough, Oshawa and Orillia.. - threads here have videos/pictures ...
Great to hear from all of you!!
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