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Default Re: Ram's Head Show 5/14/2019


Basically with things going in life, with other interest, as Music is a big interest, I basically forgot about, as its hard to remember to log in to check on things here, at least for me. Wish there was a email to get a email notice of member writing something here like on io group former yahoo group, etc. This was our 6th concert of the year.

I did not even think about a member being at this show. I do remember you once I saw you are from Salisbury, as my wife is from Salisbury. Sorry to see that the newspaper is no more. And we finally saw the Hi Ball in Delmar. (we are into trains big time, Neil Young belong to the same train, model association as we do, as he would come to train meets).

So I am sure I will forget to check in again, as time goes on, got so much going on.
I do hope to post more video from the show.
Best Mike (We are in Germantown, Maryland)
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