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Default Re: Ram's Head Show 5/14/2019

Lisa, I am glad that Bill knows who you are, so that he wrote back with your name.
I have not been on this site in years, as I only remembered this site, due to the upcoming concert, yesterday. So I did not know it was mentioned he had emphysema. So that leads me to writing about the Gordon Lightfoot book I read last year, along with Bruce Cockburn book who we are seeing in October, as I did see that mentioned in the book. Anyway, I hope Mr. Lightfoot is okay over all, as again, he has to be under a doctor's care to be getting O2. Kim did say he did not have O2 in the past 4 days. So something is up. He does have a heavy tour schedule for the year.
I would think if this was something really serious, the doctor would of told him to stop the tour. We are all getting old, as Bob Seeger for one is doing his last ever tour this year. Joan Baez is no longer touring. I have posted 3 songs on YouTube, I will not post Waiting For You, the first song out of respect for the family. Someone on YouTube already asked, so don't. Mike
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