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Default Re: Ram's Head Show 5/14/2019

hello, I was at the concert with a front row table near Gordon. I notice on his stool for his water bottle there was a bottle of something and another bottle that looked like a nasal spray. I figure maybe he was having a cold. Yes, the concert started just great, as this is our third time seeing Gordon at the Rams Head in 4 years. He started out with Waiting For You and I could see a minute into the song, he was having trouble breathing and he stopped playing. He looked up and said "Okay" and someone started to laugh, he sat down in the chair and put his head down. The guitar playing said "Where's Kim?" She came out and started the Oxygen. I really thought that the concert was going to end, due to the health issues Gordon was facing, which was completely understandable. Kim was with him for about 4 minutes and he got up and started back into Waiting for You where he left off. Then he did Cotton Jenny I believe and Kim came back out and gave him some more O2. And he looked and sounded fine the rest of the concert, which was amazing. My wife said he sounded stronger in voice as the show went on. Normally he does 2 sets, but he did a straight one set, which was more amazing for what he might be going through. Later in the show Kim did come back out with the O2 and she said this has not happen since last, 4 shows ago. To have a O2 tank, that is under a doctor's care. In a recent book about Gordon, he was having the stomach pain that nearly killed him for days and he did not see a doctor, as it was too late, when the stomach aorta broke right before a show. Most die from that. Anyway, it was a very scary moment but he recovered to go on with the show. So I wonder if anyone might know what might be going on with Gordon? I do have some video, on youtube from the show, Gordon Lightfoot Annapolis Maryland 2019, as I just posted Shadows. I will not post the first song out of respect to Mr. Lightfoot. Mike
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