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Default Ram's Head Show 5/14/2019

Just a quick note here before I have to sleep some.

During the first song tonight Gord had to abruptly stop and sit. At that point his wife came out with an oxygen tank and mask. It was hard to see from our seats but eventually it made sense. Recovering himself he restarted the song exactly (IMO) where he left off.

He was in good spirits but had to receive the oxygen about 4 more times during the show and I think he took some hits before the encore. No intermission at this small venue tonight. The songs were about the same as from the Red Bank show.

Other that the scare when he sat down at first and he looked bad when he started singing and got worse, it was a good show. He was chatty Cathy again and the small crowd warmly embraced him and the band. I'd see hi, again based on tonight.

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