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Default Re: Been A long Time but R & R Hall Of Fame 2018 BIG NEWS!

Hey Andy. Sorry for the delayed response but you are welcome for the news.

Always be a mystery to me why the 'Hall' waited so long. I understand why they wouldn't let KISS in, because the guy responsible for that simply hated the band. (They got in finally of course).

As for the Moody's , I'm just glad I wont
have to keep posting on other sites about it anymore.

To Dave, I first heard them on an oldies station in the 80s here in
Phoenix, AZ (KOOL 94 FM) , which now is more of an 80s/90s station and a 'little' 70s.

The song? "Ride My See Saw"
(Which I then thought was called, "Why Must She Saw?" :D LOL!)
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