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Originally posted by charlene:

That is patently untrue Laurel and your common sense regarding that issue seems to have disappeared.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

Discussing adult issues in an adult fashion is never a problem with anyone at CORFID. Steve has expressed this most eloquently.

When personal attacks over personal views occur then a moderator/webmaster needs to step in.

THAT is not censorship.

Laurel, 100% correct. Restless, as usual, your 100% on the mark.

Totally untrue Charlene. I have been attacked for my beliefs and very cruel things said about me personally, my beliefs and my Savior. All in threads in which I was never a part of and some that I've been a part of!! You have never stepped in, even when someone posted that aweful sh*t about my parents and kids that I didn't have. Yet, I never, not once attacked anybody on a personal level. My replies have always been of a rebuttal nature about the facts and exposing inaccurate things that people say about me and my faith. Period.

What gives around this place? Talk about being narcissistic and not being able to remove the blinders to see the truth.
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