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Originally posted by geodeticman:
Not to be confused with "geodesic" which while mathematically overlapping, is the construct that one of you thought I meant - i.e Bucky Fuller's geodesic dome and great historic objects you pulled some
fun pics on.

you and the rest CAN call me GEO or - I like the other asked of - G-man -
Sorry to use the incorrect word oh G-Man.
Now to avoid confusion please everybody note that in Lightheadland the original albeit unhyphenated gman (actually like David Gates of Bread a "guitarman") is one Peter Alicia from PA who is a member (#1012) here see:-;t=002962;p=1
also a possibly deleted topic from a year ago at:-
Peter has often posted on the Newsgroup
Not only that but Peter A frequently appears in the Friday evening chat as gman so if you were to come in too as g-man there might well be untold confusion especially in the minds as such simpletons as the Sydney hooligan
John Fowles
P.S. Just what is a "daug" you are so fond of?
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