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1. Early Mornin' Rain
2. For lovin' Me/Did She Mention My Name?
3. Summer Side Of Life
4. Cold On The Shoulder
5. Cotton Jenney
6. The Circle Is Small
7. If You could Read My Mind
8. Shadows
9. Christian Island
10. Triangle
11. The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
12. Rainy Day People
13. Beautiful
14. Don Quixote
15. Cabaret
16. Spanish Moss
17. Old Dan's Records
18. Baby Step Back
19. Gotta Get Away
20. A Painter Passing Through
21. Restless
22. I'll Tag Along
23. Sundown
24. Carefree Highway
25. Seven Island Suite
(Encore) 26. End Of All Time (I never tire of that song! :D )

I wish I could add more but I know this list is already too long! He's only human!
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