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Default Re: My Favorite Gordon Lyrics

Originally Posted by johnfowles View Post
I'm with you two in the naughty corner because I don't see my choice here anywhere
"what's left of his brains
When his crew threw his balls to the sharks"
and I have no idea what else Gord could have intended that to imply!!
Ahem "balls to the sharks"!! such imagery but of what?? try this:-
Lighthead Tony Meloche seems to have pretty well hit the nail on the head in his reply to an old Newsgroup thread at:-!to...ot/f6Hrohzz3LY
Scroll down to find Tony's theory posted on the second of January 1998 (which is shown US style as 1/2/98)
in which he blamed the emasculation of Tricky Dicky on Mixon's crew of Henry Kissinger.Barry Goldwater and the then Attorney General who was apparently Elliot L. Richardson

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