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Default Re: You Create the Set List

Not necessarily in (concert) order, but here are mine:

1.Sea of Tranquility
2.Daylight Katy

3.In My Fashion
4.Hi-Way Songs
5.Circle of Steel
6.Seven Island Suite
7.Heaven Help the Devil

8.The Soul is the Rock
9.A Tree Too Weak to Stand
10. If Children Had Wings
11. Waiting for You
!2. Dream Street Rose
13. 14 Karat Gold
14. I'd Do It Again
15. Summertime Dream
16. Race Among the Ruins
17. Farewell to Annabel
18. Alberta Bound
19. Ghosts of Cape Horn
20. Ecstasy Made Easy
21. A Passing Ship
22. Morning Glory
23. Pussywillows, Cattails
24. Don Quixote
25. Cabaret
26. Salute

Encore - Early Morning Rain/CRT
Old Dan's Records

As wonderful as the hit singles were/are - I'm even more intrigued by the album tracks that you would probably never hear on the radio!

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