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Default Re: My Favorite Gordon Lyrics

This was a great idea for a never ending thread!
One of the prime questions of course is are we talking about "favorite" lyrics or as they are Canadian penned more correctly favoUrite lyrics
For my own part I don't think I can put it any better than I did in an old posting that I made on corfid in 2012 after watching a complete concert video courtesy of You Tube

I said in part
Wild Strawberries has been constantly in my head since I heard it at B B Kings ten days ago
And wished I had filmed it myself.I meant to ask Char to do so at Tarrytown but it got pre-emted by 'her" song that evening!!!
it is yet another song that I had never really listened to or fully appreciated before and it shares some of the poetic magic that I love about Restless.
I mean to say these lyrics are pure genius
Hit the bounding main or be on a railroad train
Hit the boundless tide or be on a steamboat ride
Hit the bounding main or be on a midnight plane
Hit the pounding tide or be on a rainbow ride

compares well with
Of an old engine flying down a road that's iron cast
Of an old schooner roving 'Neath a sky that's ironclad
Of a cold diesel, rolling down a road that's built to last
Of an old schooner flying down a sky that's overcast

I remembered to ask Gord once how he avoided getting confused when singing Restless and he brushed it off as being easy I think he said something like "the words just flow"

I am so grateful to "clubdoc" for getting the complete Charleston concert.

back in 2002 there was a long Newsgroup thread subject
favoUrite Lightfoot songs and favoUrite lines?

comprising 95 posts by 40 fans at:-
which included a fine cop out by our moderator
I haven't contributed my list because I would just have to copy and paste all of the songs and lyrics listed on Val's site and that hardly seems fair play....

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