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Default My Favorite Gordon Lyrics

I know to ask any of you what your favorite Gordon lyrics are is probably one question none of us can answer. Some of mine are from the "Wreck". But the one set that always puts a smile on my face is from "Did She Mention My Name". I love them! And the part I absolutely love is:

"Is the landlord still a loser,
do his signs hang in the walls?
Are the young girls still as pretty,
in the city in the fall?
Does the laughter on their faces,
still put the sun to shame?"

And by the way..........did I mention this is one of my favorite songs. Although when most people ask me what my favorite is, I barely ever mention it as being. But whenever I hear it, I know it's one of my tops.Just wondering what other sets of lyrics that other Gordon fans really dig and why? My reason is being able to relate to as a youngster having some tough landlords (they had every right to be), and couldn't wait for the weekends to go out and meet some pretty girls. Heck! Did not even wait for the weekends. This song really does conjure up memories of maybe a lost love and back home times.
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