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quote:Originally posted by Suzi:
"Goldmine" - I loved that magazine. It came out every two weeks and it seemed like it took two weeks to read everything listed. (The type was so small.)

I subscribed to it for decades. But, it seems like the internet provided more access to Lightfoot material and I therefore dropped my subscription a few years ago.

Yes, "Goldmine" still exists. I get offers to return every few months.


So happy to hear that the magazine still exists. Am going to have to pick up a copy of that. (Except now I'll have to use a
magnifiying glass to read it!!!! ) You are quite right about the size of the print!!
I have just been reminiscing, and found we had bought four tickets to see Gord in 1981, when the tickets were $8.50 a piece including tax. The four tickets means that we brought our kids to the concert.Wow! Seems like another lifetime.

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